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The Blackfoot is the beautiful river that Norman McLean wrote about in the book " A River Runs Through It ". It begins in the high mountains of western Montana and flows for approximately 130 miles before it joins the Clark Fork river near Missoula. The Blackfoot is one of the prettiest rivers in Montana and offers fly fishing opportunities for browns, rainbows, cutthroats and bull trout. The Blackfoot is classic troutwater and with hatches of Skwala Stoneflies, Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Baetis, March Browns, Caddis, Green Drakes, Midges, Pale Morning Duns and Hoppers it provides wonderful dry fly fishing.

We can provide day trips on the Blackfoot River and we can also arrange for overnight lodging in a beautiful new 3 bedroom log cabin located on one of the most scenic portions of the river.


The Big Hole is another beautiful river in southwest Montana that offer a wide variety of fly fishing opportunities for rainbows, browns, brookies and grayling. From the flat meadow water in the upper Big Hole Valley through the pocket water in the rocky canyons and the grassy undercut banks on the lower sections the Big Hole is a productive river with spectacular scenery providing great dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing.


The Sun river begins in the remote Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in western Montana and is absolutely stunning as it emerges from the rugged Rocky Mountain Front. Flyfishing for rainbows, cutthroats, browns and brookies in this gorgeous setting is a great day trip to include when fishing the Missouri. In some parts of the upper river the bottom of the stream is solid bedrock and this area is a geologists delight with magnificent formations including clearly delineated thrusts, folds, uplifts and layers of sedimentary rock illustrating how this land was formed.


Of course we have a few that are too special to put on the World Wide Web, contact us for more info.


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